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Virginia and Daniel discuss the possibility of him leaving St. Louis when they're finished with the work. When Virginia goes home, she finds Bill waiting inside. Bill wants to be intimate with Virginia again. While in bed, Virginia pretends to be more enthusiastic to please Bill. 

Bill apologizes for starting the surrogacy program without her consent, but wants her assistance with the volunteers. Virginia comes up with a new plan to keep Daniel around. Daniel decides he can't stay away from Virginia because he loves her. Bill pressures Betty to find out information about Virginia and Daniel because he's worried about their relationship. Betty relays this to Virginia who tells her everything is fine.

Nora crosses the line during her first surrogacy session and reveals to Bill how her family's dark secrets affected her. 

Joy has passed away and Paul visits her grave where he finds Libby. Libby tells him she wants him to be happy with someone else, but he's only happy with her. Libby decides to help her friend get Paul's attention. Libby exhibits jealousy when Paul goes out with the woman. Libby and Bill have a conversation over drinks about their marriage where Bill says they tried their best. Libby goes to Paul's house and tells him she wants him.

Betty and Helen find Austin at their doorstep. He lost custody of his children and his devastated. They let him stay with them. Austin says he has nothing to live for, and Helen reveals to both Austin and Betty that she's pregnant.

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Libby: I want you to be happy.
Paul: Libby, I am happy with you.

I can't think straight when we're estranged like this.