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Bill and Virginia decide to take on a new client, a gorilla at the zoo. The gorilla hasn't mated in a year, and they need to figure out how to fix him. They eventually discover the last time he mated was when he had his old handler give him, what she called encouragement. Bill urges Virginia to expose herself to the gorilla in order to help facilitate his desire to mate with the female gorilla. She feels deeply uncomfortable. Bill and Virginia are interviewed by Newsweek. 

Daniel suspects that Virginia and Bill have a relationship. At the office, he meets Tessa, but she doesn't reveal she's Virginia's daughter. Tessa tells Daniel not to bother trying to figure Virginia and Bill out. Daniel and Bill argue over time with Virginia. Virginia introduces Tessa to Daniel as her daughter. Daniel dresses up in an ape costume to tease Virginia. She tells him what happened with the ape, and he makes her feel more comfortable by lightening the mood.

Libby and Paul have a confrontation. He tells her to keep the apartment. She reveals what it's like to try and fool yourself into thinking your marriage is okay. 

Helen desperately wants a baby. Betty sneaks her into the office to inseminate her with some sperm. They talk about wanting to make sure their baby has all the right qualities. Betty takes Helen to meet Dr. Langham where they ask him for a favor.

Jane brings her friend from theater class who's having impotent problems. Jane volunteers to act as a surrogate lover so Bill and Virginia will help treat him. Lester isn't happy about her decision. 

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Daniel: I like Bill, believe it or not. I can see his good qualities: smart, dedicated, driven. But I'm not sure I like him for you.

I know how precious illusions can be. I know how they can keep you alive. I know because it has been so long since I had any about my own life.