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Virginia fakes being sick so she can miss work and go to Las Vegas with Daniel. While there, Daniel tries to get her to relax, but she can't help but get involved in his business affairs. She helps him pitch his idea to a casino head. When they head back to their room, they discover a hotel employee trying to steal from them. Daniel knocks the boy out. When he comes to, they sit down with him and learn that he was in the army and was kicked out of his home. They try to help him. The next morning Daniel tells Virginia the deal didn't go through. However, when Daniel is in the shower, the casino guy comes by and tells Virginia he wants Daniel to reconsider the offer which includes relocating to Vegas. Virginia realizes he turned it down to stay with her. Back at home, Virginia is surprised when Bill comes by with soup. After he leaves, Virginia tells Daniel, who was in the kitchen, that Betty was the one who dropped by.

Bill uses Virginia's absence as a way to start the surrogacy program. One of the volunteers is a young woman named Nora who used to live on Bill's street. She shows a lot of enthusiasm and intelligence. Bill takes a liking to her quickly. He discovers she was kicked out of her apartment and has bee using the office as a place to sleep. Bill gives her some money and tells her she can still be in the program.

Betty, Helen, and Austin come up with a scheme to fool Bill into inseminating Helen with Austin's sperm. Helen and Austin pretend to be married, but Bill discovers the ruse when he examines Helen. He knows she has never had intercourse. When Bill confronts Betty about the whole thing, she yells at him and says that she has seen a lot of things go down in the office that she had to look the oter way for. She says he should do the same for her. At Austin's club, Betty comes up with a new plan: She has Austin have sex with Helen so they can have a baby.

Libby has been sleeping with Paul, but not sharing herself emotionally. When he pushes her to open up, she tells him about Robert and how his death affected her. She can't give more of herself because she already did with him. 

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Human beings cannot survive without being touched. It's a basic, biological need hardwired into us over millennia of evolution.


You can yell at me. You can scream at me. You can call me all the names in the book, but do me a favor, do not insult my intelligence. I am a lesbian, not a moron. You have every right in the world to can me for what I did, but all I'll say is this, doc, I have been working here 7 years, and I have become an expert at looking the other way. Maybe it's your turn to do the same for me.