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While Dan and Virginia are researching scents, she brings up pheromones. He uses the opportunity to swing around to the subjects of drinks and why she keeps worming around to getting out of going for drinks. 

While they're chatting about it, Bill watches through the two-way mirror. He decides going for a run might be a good idea. After all, people seem to be slipping away.

Bill asks Paul if he can be his assistant coach. Libby thinks it's ludicrous that Johnny play football, but even more that Bill coach.

Bill has dinner at Virginia's and her mother tries to set them up. They're grossed out.

Libby does Joy's hair and chats about how she got pregnant, and how Bill's feelings for her died when she got pregnant by deception. She finds an apartment room key in her drawer. That's when Paul walks in and says, "Thank God for Libby Masters." Damned deceptive promos!

Isabella Ricci and her football husband come in for help. 

While coaching, Bill wants to put in 14, who happens to be Dennis the bully. Johnny doesn't like what he sees, but Bill doesn't want the team to lose at the expense of teaching Dennis a lesson.

Libby learns what it means to be a football mom. Bad mom if you don't show up, be invisible, cheer them on and bring snacks. You cannot take advantage of me time.

Johnny is disgusted watching Bill cheer Dennis on from the sidelines. Dennis calls Bill an asshole. Bill apologizes. Dennis wants his football back. He attempts to bond by football. Bill is way too involved in the game.

Libby decides to go to the apartment. While she's relaxing in a bath, someone comes in. Someone was turning off the gas because they thought nobody was moving in. She says she's Joy Edley, moving in!

Separately, Bill and Virginia discover Isabella and Al are in trouble because of Al's infidelity. Isabella wants to know who on God's green earth wouldn't want to fuck this! And opens her shirt, baring her braless breasts. Virginia decides she's crazy. Bill doesn't want to alienate the community. What community? The 50 yard line community? The $3000 for two weeks community. Ahhhh.

Bill sits in with Virginia and Dan as they try to get pheromones from Lester's stank. He thinks they're going to trick people into loving people who they don't really love. Whether he's really unimpressed or only because Dan's involved is hard to determine.

Libby is equally unimpressed when she learns Dennis was the quarterback on the football team.

Bill and Virginia plan to meet as the Holdens. They're immediately recognized. The jig is up. Ahhh. Fame. As they sit in the lab, she realizes they never had a courtship, and wonders what it might have been like if they had met differently, if they were drawn together from across the room.

Virginia gets home to see Tessa sporting a nasty beehive hairdo and goes nuts on her mom. All she ever wanted was her mom's approval, no strings attached. 

Libby is hanging at the apartment as Mrs. Edley. The way the super calls her such indicates he knows she's fibbing. She's paid up for six months.

When it takes Isabella 54 seconds to achieve orgasm, she laughs until she cries. She's not frigid after all.

Meanwhile, Virginia and Dan discover Lester's sweat is negatively affecting the noses of subjects, but positively impacting their vaginas.

Johnny gets a wee injury and returns home with Paul. She's freaked out, but Johnny wants to play. Paul thinks it's good for him to play and learn to be a man through the pain. No mollycoddling. Or is mollycoddling Paul the exception? She spills the beans about Joy and the apartment. Paul is devastated.

Bill and Virginia chat with their clients about the possibility they might not be good candidates for treatment. Al started thinking about the woman on the screen, that he had her instead of the real version sitting beside him. They were doomed the moment they came in.

Bill decides for elevator sex. He wants her to ask her parents to leave, but to also tell her about why he was attracted to her. The first time he ever saw her. He remember it. He knows they would have found a way to be together. Maybe they would have, she says, but then again, they'll never know.

Libby gets to the apartment and the super warns her that her husband is there. They glance at each other and she leaves.

Dennis visits Bill, wondering why he didn't coach today. 

Virginia visits Dan and shares in some flasky beverage. They dance without music while he tries to discover if she's feeling anything.

Bill bonds with Dennis, even showing him his football cards. Johnny watches from the hallway.

Virginia and Dan found a common denominator.

When Virginia gets home, one of her buttons is undone on her blouse, and Tessa, who was ready to share with her mom, is no longer interested. She's still not the mom she should be. 

There was a referral from the Hollywood case, the ape at the zoo.


Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Bill: As much as I would like to take you upstairs...
Virginia: Having my mother arrange it is...grotesque...at best.

So smells elicit emotions rather than arousal, leaving us nowhere.