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Bill and Virginia want to get married quickly. While Guy wants to throw them a huge wedding, they decide on getting married at the courthouse. Virginia's parents come in for a session, but her mother leaves in anger. Their marriage is over, and Virginia's mother tells her not to marry Bill. The news of the upcoming marriage doesn't surprise Libby, and she gives them her blessing. However, Bill's son takes the news not as well. Bob kisses Art in a bathroom, which leads Art to call Virginia to tell her that the work they were doing is credible. Virginia fails to tell this to Bill. Dody shows up on the day of the wedding saying her marriage is over, but Bill tells her his is just about to begin. She hopes they can be friends. Guy takes the place of Barton as Bill and Virginia's witness after Barton and Bill get into an argument. At the courthouse, Bill and Virginia are married. When they run into press outside, Bill seems worried that Virginia is already treating their marriage like their working partnership.

Barton refuses to attend the wedding after Nancy shows him evidence Bill and Nancy are about to undergo conversion therapy tactics for their book. He threatens to discredit Bill if they go ahead with the research.

Art and Nancy's relationship is over. He sells her out to Bill and Virginia. Everyone works quickly to stop her from stealing their patients and opening her own clinic. 

Libby gets into school in California. Bill doesn't take the news well at first about her taking the children with her, but he eventually comes around. Keller doesn't like the thought of their relationship ending, so he decides that he will uproot his life to follow her. 


Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I do wish you the very best, and I hope that you won't find marriage as the soul-crushing, testicle-shrinking, never-ending abyss of misery that I have.


Well, the happiest occasion on Earth is a wedding. It's the one thing that gives us all hope.