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Virginia heads off to New York to try to salvage the book she and Bill had worked on. While there, Virginia has an interesting experience at a party, but manages to get the publishers back on board.

Bill considers reconciling with Libby, but Libby knows their marriage is over despite their recent sexual encounters. Libby tells Bill that he belongs with Virginia. After Virginia finally admits her feelings to him, Bill comes to realize that he is addicted to Virginia and needs help.

Keller advises Bill and Virginia not to plead guilty and settle their court case. However, after hearing the prosecution plans to bring in a witness from the hotel he and Virginia frequented during their affair, Bill decides to settle. Bill takes the fall and pleads guilty as long as the prosecution drops the charges against Virginia. Bill pleads guilty and has to admit to the jury that he is a sexual deviant.

Betty urges Helen to tell her parents about their relationship. Helen resists at first, but when she finally does tell them they leave. Betty promises her that they will be a family no matter what.

Libby finally asks Keller out.

Art and Nancy discover they are being recorded at the office.

Guy is now the new secretary at the office.

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

This isn’t about some indiscretion in an exam room, this about the right of scientists to pursue knowledge.


Trust me, Bill. Falling into old patterns can be dangerous.