On Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 8, while Virginia has snuck off to Las Vegas with Daniel, Bill uses her absence to start up the surrogacy program.

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When you watch Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 8, you'll see Bill begin the surrogacy program. One of the volunteers is a young woman named Nora who used to live with her parents on Bill's street. He sees her interest and intelligence. He even helps her out financially when she reveals she used to office to sleep in. Virginia pretends to be sick in order to sneak away to Vegas with Daniel, who's conducting business. After failing to relax, she helps Daniel pitch his idea to a casino owner. When they catch a hotel employee stealing their stuff, they discover he was discharged from the army and having problems. They help him out. Virginia finds out Daniel turned down a deal with the casino owner after it meant having to move to Vegas. Libby has been sleeping with Paul. After pushing her to open up, she tells him about Robert. Betty has Helen and Austin pretend to be married in order for Bill to help them get pregnant. When he finds out they lied, he and Betty have an angry confrontation where Betty lets out a lot of thoughts she's had about Bill over the years. Later, Betty decides the old fashioned way may be best and has Austin and Helen have sex.

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On Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 8, Virginia sneaks off to Vegas with Daniel, while Bill goes ahead with his surrogacy program in her absence.

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Masters of Sex
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Human beings cannot survive without being touched. It's a basic, biological need hardwired into us over millennia of evolution.


You can yell at me. You can scream at me. You can call me all the names in the book, but do me a favor, do not insult my intelligence. I am a lesbian, not a moron. You have every right in the world to can me for what I did, but all I'll say is this, doc, I have been working here 7 years, and I have become an expert at looking the other way. Maybe it's your turn to do the same for me.