On Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 10, Bill and Virginia plan to get married, but first must deal with Nancy's betrayal.

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When you watch Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 10, you'll see Art confess Nancy's betrayal to Bill and Virginia. They all work quickly to take her down, and Art leaves her. Before Bill and Virginia get married at the court house, Art tells Nancy that Bob kissed him which means the work they did is discredited now. Dody shows up at the clinic saying she left her husband, but Bill tells her he's about to marry Virginia. They agree to be friends. Nancy brings audio recording evidence to Barton that Bill and Virginia planned on studying conversion therapy. This leads to a fight between Barton and Bill. Guy takes Barton's place and Bill and Virginia's witness. They get married, but as they are leaving, they run into the press. Bill looks worried as Virginia begins to play up their partnership for the cameras. During all this, Libby decides to go to school in California and take the children with her. Bill eventually comes around, and Keller decides to eventually follow her because he doesn't want their relationship to be over.

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On Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 10, Masters and Johnson work to take down Nancy, while also preparing for their wedding.

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Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I do wish you the very best, and I hope that you won't find marriage as the soul-crushing, testicle-shrinking, never-ending abyss of misery that I have.


Well, the happiest occasion on Earth is a wedding. It's the one thing that gives us all hope.