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Things start to go wrong in Horseshoe Bay, like Nancy's fire alarms randomly going off and birds flying into The Claw's windows.

The Drew Crew performs one of George's mom's rituals to find the spirit behind the all the chaos. But they mess it up.

Tom Swift arrives looking for Nancy. His company is searching for a rare meteorite that crashed into Horseshoe Bay eighty years ago. It vanished from public record.

Tom offers Nancy two thousand dollars to help him. He says that it's a part of a comet that is going to pass over Earth in twenty four hours. It's the reason why so many catastrophes are happening in town.

Tom wants to use the meteorite piece for research.

Celia wants Nancy to tell Everett that she's his granddaughter at a party celebrating the charges being dropped against him.

The group of guys who found the meteorite piece formed a fraternal organization. Tom and Nancy go to their building -- Icarus Hall -- to look around.

They are chased out by the ghosts of the Icarans. They were killed by a gas leak according to the newspaper.

Ryan's interview with Val Samuels is published. Nancy has Ace and Bess steal Val's laptop because she suspects she's up to something.

Tom goes back to Icarus Hall to get the meteorite piece, but the ghosts won't let him.

The Drew Crew tracks down the crime scene photos from the gas leak. They show that the founders killed each other, probably driven mad thanks to the meteorite rock.

They all go to Icarus Hall equipped with headbands Tom invented that shield them from the meteorite effects.

They think they find the meteorite, but Bess inhaled a yellow smoke and slashes Nick's arm with a sword. They lock her in the room and go outside.

Nancy theorizes that the Women in White placed a hex over the meteorite's hiding spot.

George patches Nick up.

Tom tells Nancy that he wants the meteorite piece to impress his father by building him a spaceship.

Ace finds out that Val is blackmailing Celia.

Tom shuts off the trip wire that releases the hex when opening the safe to the meteorite. Nancy performs a ritual that stops the hex and frees the ghosts.

Ryan confronts Val. She tells him that she wants to bring down Everett.

Nick discovers that two members of the Icarans survived. They went on to form The Road Back.

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Ace: It's not a supernatural issue after all. That's...different.
Tom: Are you all broomstick people?

Nancy: And you are?
Tom: Tom Swift. I was about to say I need your help, but looks like you may need mine.