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The Drew Crew and Nancy's dads try different remedies on Nancy to remove the Wraith, but nothing works.

Nancy tells Carson to go and help Ryan lay Celia to rest.

Hannah calls to tell them that it's likely the Wraith was born in Gorham Woods. She believes the creation of the Wraith left a supernatural echo.

To access the echo, they need to perform an inversion ritual that will use the Wraith as an antenna and Nancy as a receiver.

Nancy realizes that the Wraith has been manipulating her to not see the worst parts of Gil. She breaks up with him.

The Drew Crew performs the inversion ritual in Gorham Woods to find out how the Wraith was born.

They see that it was Temperance Hudson who created the Wraith when the Women in White banished her from Horseshoe Bay. It was Hudson blood that made it, and that's why it latched onto Nancy.

Bess and George find out that the Women in White created a barrier to keep Temperance out of town and separated from her power when she tried making contact with an evil power hiding beneath the town.

A decade after the Women in White killed Temperance, her daughter -- Charity -- stole her belongings back from them, including the device she used to create the Wraith.

Ace finds Charity's great-great niece -- Myrtle Hudson -- in New York. She plans weddings at her inn.

The Drew Crew travels to New York.

Bess and Odette pretend to be an engaged couple to distract Myrtle while Nick and Ace search the inn for the device. They find it, but Myrtle catches them.

Nancy tells Myrtle that she is a Hudson and convinces her to let them use the device.

They hook the device up to Nancy and use it in reverse. It separates the Wraith from Nancy for a moment, but then it attaches itself back to her. She passes out.

She wakes up in her mind and finds the dark version of herself. Nancy manifests George in her mind to protect her from dark Nancy when she attacks her.

Nancy enters a door that leads her to a younger version of herself when she first started solving crimes. Bess helps her get past her so that she can go through another door.

Nancy finds herself in an open grave. She sees the version of herself from her mom's funeral above her. 

Nick appears and helps her get out. She goes through another door and finds herself on the bluffs where she was born.

Ace appears, and so does the baby version of Nancy. He holds baby Nancy, and they almost kiss.

Nancy goes through another door. She finds the Wraith. She breaks off its ties to her, but she keeps the painful versions of herself.

Nancy wakes up.

Odette tells George that she will disappear into the depths of her unconscious so that she can live every second of her life. Before she does, she says goodbye to Bess, and with George's permission, they kiss.

Nancy goes to Ace's house to tell him how she feels, but he's gone on a road trip with Amanda.

George proposes to Nick.

Nancy tells her dads that she is going to host a press conference to announce herself as a Hudson and to take over Hudson Enterprises. She wants to divide up the company's assets and give them to Everett's victims as reparations.

Ryan signs a consent of parent to adoption form to protect Carson.

Carson lets Ryan stay with them while he figures out what to do since Everett froze him out of his assets.

Myrtle sends Nancy a letter.

Myrtle takes a bath in Nancy's blood and she comes out of it as Temperance. She goes to Horseshoe Bay and uses Nancy's blood to break the barrier keeping her out.

Lights flicker throughout the town, and something bangs on Nancy's door.

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Nancy: I'm getting worse because of you. The Wraith made it so I didn't see the worst parts of you. You put me down, you undercut me, you tried to isolate me from my friends! And they warned me.
Gil: You're not yourself right now. This is the Wraith talking, clearly-
Nancy: No, it's the Wraith's fault we lasted this long. This whole time it's been manipulating me and feeding off of my vulnerabilities. We're not doing this anymore, Gil.

Ryan: I can't even afford Celia's funeral right now.
Nancy: Oh, Ryan, I'm really sorry.
Ryan: Don't be sorry because all that matters, right now, is that we help you. I mean, you're all I got left.