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Nancy and Gil are holding Everett captive at Lucy Sable's home. Nancy asks him how he killed Celia, but he claims he didn't know she was dead. Nancy shows him a photo of Celia's dead body.

Celia's death is all over the news.

Carson shows Bess the creepy photo of Nancy.

One of Nick's tenants, Jake Cazine, filed a complaint about the youth center Nick wants to open in the building. He said it would cause economic hardship for his cafe.

Nancy tries to get Everett to confess to his crimes on tape, but he refuses everything.

Ryan identifies his mother's body for the Coroner's office. He tells Detective Tamura that his father killed Celia and that there is a videotape out there that proves he is a murderer.

Nancy leaves Lucy's house to find evidence of Everett's guilt.

Carson, Bess, and George go to the historical society. Hannah believes that, based on the picture of Nancy, she has a living hex or curse.

Bess finds other photos where she has bruises and markings on her face.

Ace finds Nancy's location and sends it to Carson. Carson goes there, but only finds Nancy's phone in a mailbox.

Nick approaches Jake about his complaint. Jake doesn't want troubled youths around his business.

Everett makes Gil an offer while Nancy is gone, and Gil accepts it. Nancy returns and sees Gil freeing Everett. Ryan enters and attacks his father. They tie him back up.

Nancy tells Ryan and Gil that she read Everett and Celia's prenup. If Celia is ever murdered, he forfeits any right to her family's estate.

Hannah tells George that she doesn't' have more than a decade left since her lifeline is merging with Odette's.

Tamura finds a broken taillight at the yacht club.

Nancy realizes that The Road Back killed Celia because she helped Nancy retrieve the list of witnesses. They left a calling card with her body.

Nick gets Tamura and the police department to support him with building a youth center to reinvest in at-risk kids across from Jake's cafe.

Tamura calls Ryan. He tells him that the taillight he found is from Nancy's car. He knows that Nancy and Everett are with him.

Gil lets Everett go while Nancy and Ryan are arguing over what to do with Everett.

Hannah figures out that they're not bruises on Nancy in the pictures, they're claw marks from Parasitic Entities. She has a supernatural parasite attached to her, and she only has a few days to live.

They need to make a ghost camera that can get a clear photo of the parasite.

Everett leads Nancy, Ryan, and Tamura right to the Black Crown tape. She told Gil to let Everett go.

The tape shows Everett killing his brother, Josiah. Tamura arrests Everett.

The Drew Crew and Carson take a picture of Nancy with their ghost camera at The Claw. They figure out it's the Wraith that attached itself to her.

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Carson: You kids...you see things like this quite often, don't you?
Bess: Yeah. I wish we didn't, but...we do.

She's dead, and I'm going to bring you to justice so that we can all finally breathe again.