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At the Breaker Hotel, a group of volleyball players forces one of their teammates, Jennifer, to stay in a haunted hotel room where many people have died.

After a few minutes, she disappears.

Carson tries to talk to Nancy about applying to Columbia, but she brushes him off.

George tries to get rid of Odette with an exorcism, but it doesn't work.

The group of volleyball players goes to Nancy for help in finding Jennifer.

Ace meets Nancy and the girls at the hotel. Blood starts weeping from the window in the murder room.

Nick meets with Ryan regarding Tiffany's drive. Ryan tells him that he needs to get access to his father's offshore accounts to get any concrete proof of Everett's bad deeds.

Ryan called Everett's wealth manager to try to access the accounts, but Nick tells him that he might've tipped Everett off that they were looking into him.

Ryan goes to Carson for help in making sure Everett never finds out that Nancy is his daughter.

Nancy, Bess, and George investigate the hotel while Ace stays with the volleyball girls. Bess finds a secret door in the murder room. They go in it.

Behind the door, Nancy, Bess, and George find a long hallway and a piece of Jennifer's shirt by a dumbwaiter that leads down to the basement.

In the basement, they find jars of blood and scream tapes. Mr. Holmes, the hotel's owner, appears and yells at them to leave. The girls claim they got lost and exit the basement.

Nancy believes Mr. Holmes fakes the hauntings to attract tourists.

Nancy enlists Ace to help Amanda get the security tapes from the basement. On the tapes, they see Jennifer exit the dumbwaiter while George approaches her.

George tells Nancy and Bess that Odette's ghost is possessing her.

Nancy tracks Odette's whereabouts on George's phone the night before. It leads them to find Jennifer at the bus station.

Ryan takes the job of Community Outreach Director at Hudson Enterprises to get close to his father and take him down. Nick agrees to help him in his endeavor.

Nancy starts an application to Columbia.

Odette tells Bess that the only way to get rid of her is to kill George.

A man checks in to Breaker Hotel. He's in Horseshoe Bay to find his wife -- Bess.

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Nancy: What college is gonna want to take me right now? I tanked my senior year grades. I got arrested for breaking into the morgue. And I didn't sign up to retake my senior year SATs because I was too busy summoning bones from an evil sea spirit that tried to kill me. Which was stupid, anyway.
Carson: You...Wait, what?
Nancy: Figuratively.

Ace: So, what was the case? The case, what-
Nancy: Um, alleged ghost abduction.
Ace: Ghost abduction. See, that would've been, like, my third guess.