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Nancy dreams of a party where everyone is dead except for Everett. He proceeds to kill her. She wakes up screaming.

Nancy goes to meet with Celia, but she finds Everett instead. He has a job for her -- he wants to know who Howard, one of his accountants, has been leaking Everett's secrets to.

Nick, Ryan, and Valerie go to Howard's hotel room. They find him dead in the bathroom from an apparent suicide. He was supposed to have a tape for them that supposedly showed Everett killing someone.

Nancy calls Nick asking him about Howard, but he lies to her.

Everett sends Nancy Howard's laptop. She finds emails between him and someone at Seabury Prison -- Bertram Bobbsey, Amanda and Gil's dad.

Nancy finds Nick and Ryan outside of the prison. They tell her that Howard is dead and that Amanda is inside talking to her dad with Ace.

Bertram tells Amanda and Ace that he told Howard where to find the tape that would incriminate Everett. He also tells them that the tape cannot be destroyed.

Nancy finds Howard's car at the hotel. His notebook is inside, but Val shows up to take it. Nancy locks it in the car so neither of them can have it.

Nancy took photos of the notebook and she finds coordinates for the Hudson Hunting Lodge. She gets Bess to tell her about the Everett tape.

Nancy asks Celia about the tape, but she tells her she has never heard of it. Celia tells her that she thinks Everett knows that Nancy is her granddaughter.

Nick, Ryan, and Val go to the Hudson mausoleum to find the tape. Instead, they find a camera. Nancy arrives and pulls Nick out of the way before he can be caught on tape, but it's too late for Ryan and Val.

Now, Everett will think that Ryan and Val were Howard's contacts.

Nancy goes to the party and finds Celia. She leads her to a room to find champagne flutes, but they find Celia's dead body instead. She has been dead for at least twelve hours.

Celia moves on.

Ryan and Val kiss. Val leaves town, and Ryan stays to buy some time.

Carson finds a polaroid picture he had taken of Nancy earlier that night. There are marks on her arm.

Nancy tells Everett that she is his granddaughter. She and Gil kidnap him.

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Bess: Now that the distractions have gone can we please -- hi --focus on the matter at hand -- dating profile pic.
George: Cute.
Bess: I'm really gonna need some more feedback here, guys. Unless she wants me to keep pining for the ghost that lives inside her.

Carson: You're giving away your entire identity.
Nancy: No, I'm not. I'm playing a role. Nancy Drew will be tucked away inside of me the whole time.