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The Drew Crew considers that the Aglaeca was a person before she died. They hope if they help with her unfinished business, they'll be free of the curse. 

Nancy finds scratches on Captain Douglas Marvin's grave. The Aglaeca watches her. 

Nick's mom comes to visit. She and George get off to a bad start when she almost hits George with her car. 

Nick sleeps on Nancy's couch and a ghost appears in the middle of the night. He shatters all the glass in the kitchen and leaves bruises on Nick's arms. Nick recognizes him as Mac, who he saw at Diana Marvin's party.

Nancy tries to gather more information on Mac and discovers he had a best friend named Buddy. 

George and Nick take Nick's mom on a tour of Horseshoe Bay. Mac appears to Nick again, and Nick tries to get the location of an old record from him. Mac shatters the glass and disappears. 

The Drew Crew finds a picture of Mac with several other ghosts Nancy has seen around Horseshoe Bay. They all helped Mac summon the Aglaeca and all died on the same day. 

Mac appears to Nick again at The Claw. 

Ace confesses to Nancy that he went to see Carson. 

The Drew Crew finds a skull that belonged to Buddy. They realize that Mac strangled Buddy and Mac is mistaking him for Nick. 

Nick's mom overhears the conversation and demands Nick goes back to Florida. They end up in an argument and Nick's mom reveals that Nick and George are dating. 

George convinces Nick's mom to help them get rid of Mac. 

The Drew Crew goes to Mac's old bar and Nancy finds the record right before Mac kills Nick. Mac and his friends disappear after the music starts playing.

A woman's voice on the record states that the Drew Crew only has three more days before they're killed. 

Nancy realizes that AJ, one of Mac's friends, is still alive and knows how to defeat the Aglaeca. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nick: George, are you okay?
George: I'm smiling.

George: It has to be AJ.
Nick: And if he's leaving flowers...he's still alive.
Nancy: And he knows how to defeat the Aglaeca.