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The Drew Crew enjoy their life post-Aglaeca, while Nancy does community service at the morgue. 

A murder victim is brought to the morgue and Nancy finds bugs in his mouth. She puts them in her pocket and brings them home. 

The dead body appears in Nancy's pantry. 

Rather than having game night, the Drew Crew performs an autopsy while Nancy goes to see Hannah. They find animal bones and flowers inside the body. 

When Nancy gets home, her boss at the morgue is there along with his son, Leo, demanding the body back.

The Drew Crew realizes the body has come back to life. They follow the truck and rescue Leo before he is attacked. The body is warded off by something. 

They discover the body was a child-eating monster called a lamia. 

Leo mentions that his doll talks to him, and Nancy puts the pieces together. A kid named Charles, was one of the lamia's murder victims, and he has been communicating with Leo through his toy.

The lamia goes to The Claw to kill George's sisters. The Drew Crew gets there just in time to summon the ghosts of all the children that were killed. It works and the lamia is destroyed. 

Carson asks Nancy to work with him on cases. 

George sees the ghost of Odette. 

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I've always wanted to protect you. But there's no use in trying to stop you from doing what you do. Frankly, you're great at it. And you should be compensated. As it happens, I'm hiring.


George: The real answer is no. I don't think that everything is okay with me.
Nick: Then we have to figure it out.
Geroge: I gotta figure this out by myself.