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Rayna realizes that in order to stay on top of the charts, she has to change her ways. This means more tour dates, appearances, and access to her personal life. Rayna takes Luke to her father's house where they share stories from their different upbringings. Rayna must also say goodbye to her sister when Tandy accepts a job in San Francisco. 

Deacon spends some quality time with Maddie. However, tensions run high when Maddie accuses him of not fighting for her mom. Deacon reveals he proposed, but Rayna turned him down. Deacon promises he'll be there for Maddie while her mom's on tour, but that promise is quickly shattered when Luke tells him he's still obligated to go on tour with him.

Juliette nails her callback for the Patsy Cline biopic. She has a confrontation with Avery where she says he's the one who bailed on their relationship. Later, she receives the shocking news that she's 8 weeks pregnant, not 4. Which means Jeff isn't the father... Avery is. Meanwhile, Avery hooks up with a waitress at The Bluebird.

Scarlett and Gunner team up for an afternoon writing session. Scarlett tells Gunner she's not ready to work with him officially again. After spying on them, Zoey accepts Gunner's proposal of them moving in together. 

Will persuades Jeff to get Layla an audition for the Patsy Cline film after seeing how upset she is about their sham of a marriage and her going nowhere career. After her audition, Layla tells Will that she doesn't care about him, and he owes her everything.

Jeff feels pressure from the board to acquire and maintain female artists on the label after losing both Rayna and Juliette. He runs into singer Sadie Stone and tells her she should consider joining Edgehill Records. 


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I wanted it to be you so badly.


I own you.