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The car of Councilman Tony Hill is blown up following a rally, and his bodyguard is killed by a follow-up, drive-by shooter. Callen and Anna talk about the next step in their relationship. Sam and Deeks talk about how things at home have changed during Kensi's recovery. The dead bodyguard, Mark Newton, was a Naval Reservist, so NCIS draws the case. Callen and Sam figure out that Newton was the actual target, not Hill. Anna and Kensi have an uncomfortable get-together in the gym. Hetty sends Sam undercover at Kulinda Tactical Security, the private security firm where Newton worked. Sam meets Harold Irvin, and finds out the philosophy of KTS. Sam gets included in the detail for Poppy Gold, a Youtube star. Deeks and Nell tail Sancho, who meets with Irvin outside. Tires Callen and Anna find outside a chop shop matches the shooter's car and they enter and get into a fire-fight. Sancho is suspicious of Sam. A disgruntled client threatens Poppy, but Sam stops her. Callen and Anna find D'Andre Linton, the connection between Newton, Sancho and the Syrian Barmak, and he says the whole thing is his fault. Newton was trying to protect D'Andre. D'Andre says Irvin was going to kill Barmak, but Sam talks him down. Nate is brought in to talk with Kensi about her recovery, and she finds out it's Nate's decision to make. Sam says goodbye to his new acquaintances at KTS before meeting his team for Jamaican food. . 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Sam: See what happens when you practice?
Deeks: I am what they call a natural shooter. It doesn't matter if the lights are on, the lights are off, eyes open, eyes closed. When I shoot, bad guys go ouch.
Sam: It's a good thing I'm not a bad guy.

Anna: I know I was the one who said I needed some time. I just moved here and I wanted to take things slow, but ...
Callen: But ...
Anna: Am I just bugging you? God, I am that girl.