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Tony comes into work and hears from Palmer that Ziva and McGee have spent the night together in the elevator. The power's out.

No power means no technology to help them solve the case of a dead female Navy lieutenant assigned to the Armed Forces Entertainment division.

A shootout at SwiftCast, an Internet company has left one perpetrator dead and a security officer wounded.

The company has very secure high tech equipment. McGee begins taking pictures with the digital camera until its battery wears out.

Gibbs reaches into his bag and pulls out a polaroid. Old school.

A witness supplies the information to make a sketch of one of the shooters. Gibbs wants the likeness out to all law enforcement offices.

While talking to Ducky over the body of Lt. Paxton, the doc and Gibbs are interrupted more than once as Dr. Mallard has allowed NCIS personnel to store their lunches in an empty autopsy freezer. Classic.

Abby goes through her own meltdown. She is unable to get a caf-pow and has no back up generator wired into her lab.

None of her equipment was shut down properly and she has to match tire tracks by hand. Her battery operated CD player dies too.

Lt. Paxton's car is found near a shipping container. When the team enters they find a set-up of a covert operative.

Gibbs interrogates Paxton's husband Anthony. He tells Gibbs he suspected his wife of an affair and had her followed.

He provides tapes showing her whereabouts. Gibbs and McGee see the same disguised man following her throughout - another man.

McGee gets fingerprints from a wall the man leaned against and brings them to Abby.

Abby has Tim, Tony and Ziva looking through finger print cards trying to match the prints McGee brought her. Early the next morning Abby find the correct print card complete with photo matching the sketch.

Gibbs and crew enter the suspect's home and find him and his accomplice dead on the floor. With everyone who broke into Swift Cast now dead the trail seems to have ended.

But the house holds another visitor, Commander Sarah Resnik, Lt. Paxton's seemingly clueless commanding officer.

Turns out she is with the National Security Agency and so was Lt. Paxton.

Since the NSA has nothing, Commander Resnik joins forces with Gibbs and company. She tells Gibbs she and Lt. Paxton have backdoor access via iris scanner to secured rooms all over the world.

She is concerned Paxton may have betrayed her country.

Paxton had been kidnapped so she could be used to open the server room at SwiftCast. While kidnapped she took several pills for high blood pressure found in the medicine cabinet.

The veins in her eyes swelled.

The trail leads back to the security guard who was shot during the break in. He engineered the power outage to switch out a server and sell its information to the highest bidder.

Power is restored and all but Gibbs go back to their computers.

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NCIS Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Abby: I don't understand! I mean why does autopsy get back up power and I don't? MTAC I get that, but what does Ducky have that I don't?7
Gibbs: Corpses.
Abby: I'll get some corpses!

Gibbs: Book 'em, Dan-ozzo.
Tony: Nice Hawaii Five-O reference, boss.