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After Oscar announces the affair on LHL, Jake begins his damage control to keep himself and Oscar safe from the criminal spotlight shining on them amidst Sarah's murder investigation. Jake convinces Oscar to rehire him as his lawyer, a feat that is not unnoticed by the District Attorney or the LHL staff.

However, when Jake appears on LHL to admit to the affair and regretfully dismiss his actions, he's arrested on live, national television for Sarah's murder after the police found the murder weapon in a storage unit recently rented out in his name; a storage unit that was also in Sarah's name, and that he had no knowledge of.

Meanwhile, Julia begins the search for a missing girl that was denied coverage by the police and other media sources. This search leads to the arrest and revelation that the drive thru the teen worked at was actually a drug selling operation, and the teen was kidnapped for her unwillingness to work there.

Her boyfriend was being blackmailed into paying a ransom, while her mother was oblivious to the facts in front of her face out of greed.

Elsewhere, another news anchor begins a feud with LHL and her actions lead to a sad discovery.

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Notorious Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Julia: Oscar, what am I doing here?
Oscar: I want the world to know the truth about Jake.

Hold on, you're accusing Jake Gregorian of murder?