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After witnessing Levi's suicide, Julia can't shake the memory of that night, what Levi did, or her role in this entire situation by inadvertently framing Levi for Sarah's death when he was really just in love with his best friend, Oscar.

The District Attorney reaches out to Julia and she convinces him to go on Louise Herrick Live! to argue with Jake's claims that Levi's suicide was a confession of guilt as the District Attorney's office is still pressing charges against Oscar alone. While on the show, however, Julia blind sides Max with the video that Levi sent Julia to lure her to his house.

Meanwhile, Oscar and the DA find out about Jake sleeping with Sarah, making Jake a suspect in Sarah's murder.

Jake defends a pregnant surrogate mother that was told the parents of her child bailed and the payments they were making to her for her surrogacy suddenly stopped. After looking into it, Jake realized they were all part of a scam; the woman told the adoptive parents that the surrogate miscarried and told the surrogate they didn't want the child. Turns out the woman had planned to resell the baby for another $200,000 and skip town.

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Notorious Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Morning, boss. You had quite a night. Do you need to talk? Because we can talk. Or I can give you happy pills. Your choice.


Max: How are you holding up?
Julia: On the one hand, I saw a man shoot himself, but on the other, there wasn't much traffic this morning.