Let's get the two lesser storylines out of the way first:

- Dr. O'Hara's ailing mother was brought to the hospital. In one of the closing shots of the episode, she broke down while standing over her comatose mom;

- Mrs. Akalitus was stuck in an elevator, in yet another unfunny attempt by the show to bring forced levity into an episode.

The crux of the half hour, of course, was Jackie, Eddie and the fact that he now knows she's married. While Jackie dealt with a (hilarious) Zoey at work, one that was mourning her over-medication mistake from last week by wearing grey scrubs, Eddie actually visited Kevin's bar.

He ordered a few drinks and asked about Kevin's wife. Eddie was clearly shocked and heartbroken as Kevin told him stories about how loving and loyal Jackie acted in their marriage. Kevin even showed Eddie the big replacement engagement ring he planned on giving Jackie that night.

Later in the episode, a drunk Eddie stopped by the hospital and created a scene. On his way out, he sidled up next to Jackie and whispered: I met Kevin. Nice bar you two have.

At this news, Jackie froze - and then bolted for the new pill dispensing machine. She ordered three vials of morphine, found an empty room and downed them all. The first season of this great show ended with her lying down, ina  drugged out state.

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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Zoey: Honesty is the best policy.
Jackie: No, it's not.

You're a moron.

Jackie [to Fitch]