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-In the past fairy tale world, King George puts a curse on Snow so that she cannot have children.

-When the king's men shoot Charming's mother with a poison arrow, he tracks down water from a magic lake to save her but the lake is dried up and there are only drops left.

-Charming's mother gives the drops to Lancelot to put in the wedding chalice when he marries them before she dies.  Snow's curse is broken.

-In the present fairy tale world, Snow recognizes Cora and warns Emma to stay away from her.  Lancelot sends Mulan to guide Snow and Emma back to her castle to find the original wardrobe.  An ogre tries to kill Emma but Snow kills him. Aurora tries to kill Snow but Emma saves her.

-Cora magically impersonates Lancelot and tries to steal the wardrobe.  She claims she killed Lancelot.  Emma burns the wardrobe rather than let Cora get to Henry.  Cora later comes back and steals the ashes.

-In Storybrooke, Jefferson finally has a reconciliation with his daughter, Grace.

-Henry finds Regina's secret vault.  Charming promises to let Henry help him if he will go to school and stay out of trouble.  He even agrees to teach him to use a sword.

-King George watches Henry and Charming.

Once Upon a Time
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