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On Parenthood Season 6 episode 2 the family decides to throw a birthday for Zeek. He's turning 72 after all! Crosby is shocked that he is the only one in the family who does not know that open heart surgery is a possibility. He feels as though he is the baby of the family and everyone keeps information from him that is very important. Sarah and Amber talk three times about her pregnancy, and each time it becomes a bit better for the two as they come closer to understanding exactly what is on the way. Kristina discovers that providing lunches even for 40 kids can be a heck of a problem when the kids have special needs. There are not a lot of vendors who are willing to make work with that level of specificity. Crosby comes up with a super cool present for Zeek from all of the kids. It is a one of the kind gift that will never be recreated. Find out about all of it when you watch Parenthood online.

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Sarah deals with Amber's news, Zeek must face a difficult health decision and Kristina struggles to fill the needs of her students on Parenthood.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, all I know is my daughter's pregnant, and she was so scared, too. She was so scared to tell me and I just froze. I, I bet she dreamed of this wonderful moment where she tells her mom this exciting news and I totally let her down. I just said, 'oh.'


You founded Chambers Academy to meet the needs of every student. My artistic needs are not being met. Nora agrees.