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We pick up right where we left off. Jesse is trying to comprehend what Tulip just told him about Viktor being her husband.Jesse is not happy and is taking Viktor to the torture room. He tells her to get out. She tells him to remember what happened in Dallas. 

Tulip invites Dani to dinner and kicks Reggie out. Dani wants to give them a new job, but they're not interested. They want to go on the up and up. Tulip is looking for Carlos.

Tulip takes her step-daughter to visit Cassidy. Step-daughter tells Cassidy that Jesse is going to kill her father. They're trying to find food for the girl. She sends the girl to talk watch TV with Dennis so they can talk. Tulip punches Cassidy for telling him. Cassidy leaves to save Viktor from Jesse.

Jesse listens to Viktor and talks about marrying Tulip.

Back to the flashback. They're trying to get pregnant with no luck. All Jesse does is drink and have sex and Tulip can't get pregnant. 

Jesse and Tulip are at church. he's not really paying attention. He's a loser in Dallas. She's trying to better herself and he does nothing.

Jesse finds out that Tulip is doing jobs and is taking birth control so not to get pregnant. Tlup has been lying and Jesse is upset with her. He beats up Reggie because he's so upset with Tulip.

Cassidy arrives at Viktor's and finds Jesse in a bedroom looking at the wedding picture of Tulip and Viktor. Jesse wants to know why he should trust Cassidy. Cassidy leaves and Jesse goes to the torture room.  He cuts him down and returns to Dennis' house to tell them he cut him down and had Viktor sign divorce papers.

Another flashback to when Viktor and Tulip were married. They're playing Monopoly. It seems like e made her happy.  Tulip gets a call from Dani telling her she found Carlos which sends Tulip on her journey back to Jesse. By the time Viktor gets back to the room Tulip is gone.

The daughter is home. She wants Viktor to read to her when there is a large noise downstairs and gunshots. He sends the girl to the bathroom. It's the Saint of Killers looking for Jesse. The SOK opens the closet door and is about to shoot the girl when she says she knows where Jesse is. 



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Preacher Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

You should take a shower. All of, like, North America would appreciate it.

Tulip [to Jesse]

Jesse: What are you doing with that stool?
Tulip: Holding it. What are you doing with that beer?
Jesse: Drinking it.