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The episode opens with a very long sex sequence between two people in a cave. It's apparently Jesus and some woman that may be Mary Magdalene. The apostles knock on the door and Jesus says he's attending to a sick woman.

Herr Starr is having a drink with Jesse. He tells Jesse he has answers and shows him some classified information about The Grail. Jesse wants to know where God is. Starr doesn't have any idea. He tells Jesse he can help find God then Jesse slams him in the face with his briefcase and uses Genesis to demand to know where God is.

Starr takes Jesse on a field trip and makes him wear a pillowcase over his head. He looks like a member of the KKK.

Back at the apartment, Tulip is having another nightmare about the Saint of Killers. Tulip finds Cassidy and Denis in his bedroom having sex with women. An early birthday present. Tulip is looking for Jesse. Tulip tells him she's going to make breakfast for everyone.

There's a knock on the door as she turns on the stove. It's Lara in her everyday garb. She wants her gun back. Tulip starts making breakfast by throwing whole eggs into the bowl. Lara doesn't think she's okay and asks, but Tulip assures her she's okay. Tulip is distracted. She drops an egg and Lara cleans it up for her. Then Tulip breaks down.

Jesse is at the Grail compound and Jesse is going through a metal detector that keeps going off. He has a bullet from the SOK in his pocket that is causing it to go off. He finally gets through and Starr is going to takes him into an office where a couple of guys from the Vatican are waiting.

Lara is making breakfast and talking with Tulip about the Saint of Killers. Lara puts doubts in Tulip's mind about what Jesse did with the SOK. She tells her own story about a guy she had to dump because of a "bad feeling." 

As they're eating Cassidy, Denis and the women come out of the bedroom and then leave. Lara tells Tulip that she thinks Cassidy is cute. Tulip is shocked.

Jesse asks about God. The guy in red asks if he really wants to know. The guy says that an angel betrayed God and now he's on the run because of a coup. The Pope or who looks like a Pope tells a different story that God is going to create a new species.It's apparent that no one knows where God is. Then the Vatican people start talking about a boy who might know something, but Starr shuts them up.

Jesse wants to know who the boy is. Starr avoids the question and Jesse uses Genesis to find out the boy is the Messiah

Back in old times, the woman who had sex with Jesus has a baby. The woman wants to hold the boy, but they kill her instead.

Jesse uses Genesis again to make Starr take him to the Messiah who might know where God is.

Cassidy is at a bar when Denis tries to eat someone. Denis looks a lot better than before. He tells Denis he can't act on his desired appetites. Cassidy sees the pictures from the photo booth and follows Denis out of the bar.

Lara and Tulip are playing video games. Lara says something about Dallas and Tulip calls her out on it. Lara claims she told her at breakfast, but Lara is busted. But, Tulip believes Lara...or at least pretends to.

Lara goes to the bathroom and calls her friend in the other apartment. There's something in that loose bathroom floorboard. Tulip confronts her again when she comes out of the bathroom. Tulip wants to know who she is. Just as things get tense, "Rodney" shows up and Lara leaves Tulip's apartment. They make a scene. Tulip comes out and knocks the guy out, then Lara joins in on beating him up. This seems to calm Tulip down and get her to believe Lara's side. At least temporarily. Lara and Tulip are in the bathroom where Tulip is fixing up Lara and the loose tile is still loose. Lara tells her she should fix it.

Starr takes Jesse on a long journey to find the Messiah. finally they arrive. Jesse can see shadows through the pillowcase. They're walking to where the Messiah is sitting at his desk. It looks like the same guy from the beginning of the hour. Jesse gets down on his knees. He's humbled. He asks this guy where he can find God and if he's on the right path. Jesse wants to know what they call the Messiah Humperdoo and he proceeds to pee on Jesse and when he talks, he's a little off and does weird things like show Jesse his pee pee. He's apparently mentally challenged.

Jesse uses Genesis on the Messiah and Humperdoo goes crazy without answering Jesse's question of where God is.

Back at the apartment, Cassidy comes in and shows Tulip his new tattoo. He asks is Tulip wants to get stoned and play video games.

Lara and the guy are watching their apartment from next door. Tulip goes into the bathroom to fix the floorboard when she finds something under the floor. It's the Saint of Killers' weapons. She has them on the table.

Jesse is on his way back and Herr Starr explains that Humperdoo is indeed the savior of humanity. He tells Jesse that he wasn't going to help him find God...he was going to help him. Period. Starr is not happy about having to watch over Humperdoo. Starr suggest why keep looking for God when he can just "be him."

Jesse isn't going for it and insists he will find God. They arrive at the apartment. Starr tells Jesse he can't find him alone, but Jesse tells him he has friends to help him. Denis shows up with blood on his face and goes into the apartment. Starr tells Jesse to think about what he said.









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Preacher Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jesse: So, that's..he's the one that's going to rule the world.
Herr Starr: Like any royal family or Maltese puppy, inbreeding is to be expected.

Herr Starr: Are you blind, boy?
Bartender: No.
Herr Starr: Would you like to be?