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Eugene and Hitler arrive in Eugene's hell. It keeps replaying until Tracy doesn't kill herself, but then Eugene tells her off and she kills herself anyway. He gets a visit from the mascot that molested him before he and Hitler can escape. Eugene kills the mascot, but they still can't escape. His dad comes in and he tells his dad off. They make up and dad leaves. Hitler is able to open the window and they escape.

Flashback to when Preacher sent the truck with The Cowboy to the swamp. One week later the Saint of Killers is still trying to punch his way out. He has a flashback to where he is baptized and then at a picnic with his family. Then the truck is brought to the surface by the Men in White and another truck is put in the swamp in its place.

The truck is taken to a warehouse and Hoover talks to the SOK. He offers the SOK a deal. SOK has another flashback of his wife telling him, "no more drinking, no more killing" so he can get to heaven and be with them for all eternity.

Another week later, SOK is trying to get out and Hoover tries talking to him again about the deal.

Jesse is sitting on the couch in the room where God was looking despondent.

Hoover is in the back of the truck talking to SOK. They've reached an understanding. He takes off and SOK exits the truck.

SOK is at a bar in New Orleans. He takes his shot and tells the bartender he's there to kill a man.

Denis is in Cassidy's room looking for something. Cassidy kicks him out. The dog is in a drawer. Tulip and Cassidy talk about who is in charge. Jenny/Lara and Hoover watch the whole thing. They get a call that "he" is on his way.

Tulip and Cassidy are wondering where Jesse is when he shows up. Tulip still stares at the finger under the cabinet. She throws it out and is taking the garbage out when she stops at a hallway and the SOK greets her and she punches him, but he knocks her out. He goes into the apartment and grabs a knife. Jesse and Cassidy are on the patio talking and drinking. He can hear them and walks around looking. The SOK kills Denis. Cassidy calls for Tulip but no answer so they go back inside. 

Jesse sits down and has a cigarette when Cassidy is thrown down the hallway and the SOK comes in. A fight ensues between Jesse and SOK. Hesse is no match.

Tulip comes back in and starts beating him up when SOK tells him to stop. They fight. Jesse is knocked out then gets up to save Tulip. Jesse is tied up on his knees. SOK tells him a story about scalping and starts scalping him when the demon lady from hell comes in and tells him it's time to go back. The Cowboy's name is William. The demon guard tells him if he doesn't come back they're going to fill his hell with his wife and daughter. They take him back. Jesse is concerned about his soul that SOK has.

Cassidy and Tulip are in an ambulance. Jesse says he'll meet them there. Tulip is pissed off.  The ambulance is a "Division of Grail Industries."

Tulip and Cassidy are at Herr Starr's office. Starr tells them that Jesse is headed for greatness while the two of them aren't. 

The Pope is speaking at the Vatican telling the people that God is gone. Jesse is watching it on TV. Cassidy and Tlup get back to the apartment. Jesse tells them Denis is still alive. The little camera falls off the wall as they leave to go get something to eat. Cassidy and Tulip say nothing about meeting with Herr Starr. Finally they talk about Herr Starr.

Jesse tells them that he might have no choice than to become the Messiah. He also tells them about ManDog being God and that that God might not be worth it to find.

Cassidy tries to convince him otherwise. Tulip tells him she loves him, but she wants to know what he needs them for. 

The Saint of Killers is put back in his room in hell. The demon guard knows Hitler and Eugene are missing who are in the air vents trying to escape. They see other people's hell as they go through the vents.

Jesse visits with Herr Starr. Herr Starr gets on his knees and Jesse touches him. 





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Preacher Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Tracy, if you're so shallow you need to kill yourself for attention, that's your problem.


Ewww. That was like, ugh. I feel like my eyes are going to barf.