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A couple in Vietnam is eating dinner when the wife notices something outside and starts screaming. 

We are in Vietnam and the man in white (Herr Sterr) has arrived to see the floating pig. He doesn't seem very happy.

In NOLA a street cleaner picks up a girl who is passed out in the street. There's a preacher on a box yapping when Jesse and the gang comes out of the last jazz club. Dennis suggests going somewhere else and they go to a bar where the entertainment is seeing if you can get up after getting shot. 

Tulip volunteers Cassidy who isn't too happy about it. Then Jesse comes in acting like a preacher. Tulip picks the biggest gun. Tulip tells Cassidy he's got this and then gives him a very long kiss. Cassidy gets killed but when Jesse says to call the police everyone leaves and Cassidy wakes up. Tulip gives him blood to regenerate. They grab the money.

At the bar, Jesse talks to Tulip about the kiss with Cassidy. Tulip is a little drunk and repeats everything he says. Then they leave. Cassidy is behind the bar serving Dennis.

A professor at the bar tells Cassidy what Denis has been telling him since he arrived on scene. Denis says Cassidy's been a horrible father but he can make it up by letting him live forever. Cassidy says no and Denis says then he will die here. The guy is sick and dying apparently.

Jesse opens a huge bottle of booze and starts drinking while on the TV the floating pig is news.

Herr Sterr is getting his shoes shined and on the phone talking about the people praying to the pig.

Flashback to when Herr Sterr was young and careless in 2004. He joins the organization.

Back in NOLA, the street cleaners pick up Cassidy and throw him in the dead cart.

Tulip is having a nightmare about her interaction with Saint of Killers. She wakes up frightened and puts on some tea. She hears a noise and goes to investigate. Nothing is there. She hears it again and opens the door. There is still nothing there, but she walks further into the hallway and finds it's only a light burnt out trying to come back on. She goes back inside.

Then she notices the window she just closed is open again. The tea kettle whistles again after she turned it off. Then the SOK is behind her and chokes her like he did the last time and shoots her. But again it's a nightmare and she wakes up and it's daylight. Jesse isn't in bed, he's watching the God tape again. She tells him about her dream.

Jesse tells Tulip he's going to talk to the preacher about the end of the world. She wants to know where Cassidy is. Cassidy is in a meat locker in the morgue.

At the organization, her Sterr is with a group of men who will be chosen to work with the organization. Herr Sterr asks about parking validation. These guys are being tested. It's Sterr's turn to face the wrestling guy.and knocks the guy out by distracting him by masturbating and kicking his ass.

Herr Sterr wins by killing his competition and becomes a member of The Grail. The Man in White tells Sterr about Christ and his secret location waiting for the end of the world to happen.

Sterr gets his uniform and then asks what his role would be in the organization. Then Sterr throws the guy off the balcony so that he is in charge.

Jesse approaches the preacher on the street. They go and have a beer together.

Cassidy is out of the morgue, but as he leaves he sees a couple crying over a dead body.

Back at Denis' place, Tulip looks in the fridge and sees the bullet hole from SOK's gun. She goes back to the bar to confront the guys and tells them the truth about what happened. She challenges one of them to earn their money back, but she puts on the vest and imagines it's the SOK who shoots her. Tulip gets up before time and then wants them to shoot her again.

The two preachers are talking about the end of the world. He talks about Tom Cruise blowing up, the Cubs winning, the flying pig.

Jesse talks to him about the fraction of the soul selling thing. The street preacher says don't let people sell off their souls because that's the sign of the apololypse.

Back in Vietnam, the pig is dead thanks to Herr Sterr. The guy on the phone gives him his next target: Jesse Custer. We then learn Sterr has killed the whole village with contaminated water.

Jesse is watching a video about contaminated water.








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