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We're in a room with Grandma and she's deforming a man. 

There's a tour going on in Angelville.

Gradma made a sober spell and cured someone of alcoholism (a counselman.) There are a lot of people in the waiting room for their turn with her.

TC came in a killed an old man in the kitchen. He's tol by a woman to 'put him with the others.'

A little boy and her mom show up for a tour of the plantation.

Miss Marie was asking for the dark haired lady. She has a headache?

Grandma hears the car approach and the dogs are barking. There is a woman trapped on a bus and is hit and brought to Grandma. She said she was going to see a movie. Grandma said Jody told her the woman is hiding something. She swallowed something and then called Grandma a crazy bitch. She calls her mama and Grandma pulls out a scapel and orders her to be held down so she could cut whatever it is that she swallowed out of her.

It's a picture of a baby (Jesse).

Grandma orders her strapped to the machine. .08 quote - "Sew her up?" "No, strap her to the machine."

Jesse runs in the plantation with dead tulip in his arms. He's looking for Grandma but everything's covered with dust cloths. .13 "You played God and let her die instead of being like me."

cassidy told Jesse that they had sex and they start fighting and Grandma is watching them. She's got an iv in. TC pulls a gun on Jesse. Then he recognizes him and yells for Miss Marie (Grandma). She wheels herself out. He starts explaining to Grandma about Tulip and asks for her help.

She heads to the kitchen and offers to pay whatever. He demands help and she says that he knows what she wants as payment. He cuts his hands and drops his blood on the napkin. she takes it.

Tulips in pergatory with little Tulip and her father. It's like she's in a play, watching little her and her father interact. There's even applause. The mother comes out and is mean to little Tulip. The father comes in and tulip has a shootout with her father and the police.

Jesse has to go out and get what Grandma needs to bring Tulip back and leaves Grandma alone with Tulip.

Jody killed Jesse's father.

Jesse sends Cassidy to get the list of things that will remind Tulip of her life.

He goes to Jody to ask for transport and tells him that he doesn't have much time. Jody gives him a hug. He needs Transpoil (whatever that is.)  Jody's going in a motel to piss some people off and Jesse is supposed to wait around back. They went to the London Lodge.

Jody's fighting a whole bunch of people and Jesse's waiting in the truck. Jody got the transpoil and saved Jesse's life.

Back at Grandmas, she's collecting pieces of Tulip and TC is sewing her up. She eats the pieces. "Skin tighter than a hotel sheet." TC

Cassidy comes in with everything. Grandma eats a scorpion pepper. She wants Cassidy to eat one to draw Tulip back to ease his pain. He chokes on the pepper because it's so hot. She tells the story of a man who she cast a spell on to love her. She got tired of him wanting her, so she killed him.

She offers to give Cassidy anything he asks for for bringing Jesse back. He looks at Tulip.

Jody won't give Jesse the transpoil until they work out whatever is between them. That he killed Jesse's father? Jesse is getting his ass kicked. They continue to fight. Grandma comes out and stops Jody from killing Jesse.

He gives Jesse the transpoil.

Back in pergatory, Tulip is still in the living room, waiting with little Tulip. CPS is at the door. Tulip gets up to answer the door, but when she looks again, all her favorite stuff is on the table with little Tulip. Grandma's making a drink in the magic bullet. Tulip sits down to eat boo berry cereal with little tulip. Tulip finds a battery in her mouth. 

"You know what I need you for? ...." Jesse 

Tulip's trying to figure out how to come back. She answers the phone and it's Jesse. She said she needs more time. She takes the battery and puts it in the clock. Shoots the door and the helicopter. When the clock goes again, she's on the road. She starts running down the road to Angelville, but she runs into the dog (God.) He tells her she's been chosen and he wants her to do something. 

She returns to life.

"Who the hell are you?" Tulip

Jesse gets cleaned up and Tulip is sleeping. Cassidy is sleeping next to her. he goes in the kitchen and starts drinking.

Grandma comes in. She drinks and says you're welcome. He thanks her.

She reminds him of their deal. He threatens to kill her. she dares him to because she's already planned for that.

She welcomes him home.



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Preacher Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

TC: Sew her up now, Miss Marie?
Grandma: No. Strap her in the machine.

Jesse: What happened?
Cassidy: You played God. You let her die, rather than be like me.