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There were some major moves in the romance department this week: Jason made his move on Aria and laid a kiss on her lips, only for her to say she isn't available. Caleb and Hanna also said "I love you" to each other, but it was as the former was leaving for California.

He went there to reconnect with his mother.

Emily and Spencer also broke into Jason's shed and discovered a dark room, with numerous photos of Aria and surveillance equipment.


- Mike appears to be in major trouble, practically comatose in bed when his dad walks in. We learn that there could be a connection to his uncle, as Byron's brother Scott apparently had some kind of drug or depression problem.

- Aria had sex dreams about Jason, but tried to counter them by jumping on Ezra. He went with it, but also wondered why Aria is acting that way.

- Jenna and Garrett saw Jason with Aria and the former got worried that he might remember that night and tell something to Aria.

- A forced Emily to give one of Samara's friends her number, under threat of exposing her HGH results. Emily did. Samara found out and dumped her.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You've barely eaten since we left the hospital, and licking the salt off pretzels does not count as lunch.


Hanna: You love zombie movies.
Emily: I like watching them. I don't wanna be in one.