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Ray visits an Armenian pop singer in the hopes she might help with his father. Rolling Stone put her in a body pain tuxedo when she had a hit, but she she wanted to sing about the genocide of her people, she couldn't book Good Day LA. She won't help.

Mickey is getting his instructions on buying the girls and witness protection. He'll be going to Reading and working in a Safeway. 

Abby and Terry are the new parents, taking Conor to school. Abby asking Terry if he wants toast with is eggs while he plays video games with Conor.

Ed Cochran is excited no end about Ray Donovan becoming a minority stakeholder in an NFL team, but not so his boss, who decides she'll flag him if he continues to research him. Ed has turned into Mr. Cocky.

Ray visits Mickey and flushes the coke. Daryll is pissed and calling Ray morally superior. He sounds like an idiot. He says he doesn't go to Ray's house and judge him because he's not even allowed at Ray's house. Ouch. Does he go to ITT Tech and study web design? Sure. Mickey is sure he'll do great whatever he does.

Ray and Mickey visit Lee. Ray is having him declared mentally incompetent to escape the girl buy. Mickey balks until he realizes the alternative.

Ed continues to bounce back.

Bridget gets into a fight at school over sucking Mr. Donellen to get a good grade.

Ray is called to Finney's and "meets" Ed Cochran. Finney refuses to play ball and wants the location of Varick's body. Cochran looks around the study in great detail, focusing on the missing poker. Great! 

Daryll wants to take Michelle and run.

While talking with the Dean of Bridget's school, Abby notices a look between Mr. Donellen and Bridget. When she gets home, Abby searches Bridget's room. She doesn't know what she's looking for, but Terry helps.

Avi is at Cochran's desk, getting his IP address and such. While there, he decides to take a dick pic with his computer, thereby making him a pervert. It's not how Lena imagined it. Avi protests, and she assures him it's shapely.

Ray, Lee and Mickey deliver the paperwork to the detective. Mickey asks her out to Burmese once the dust settles.

Ray gets Flip to allow the Armenian pop star to sing her song with a dick pic.

Bridget has a stone cold look on her face at the kitchen table. She found drugs with Donellen's name on them. Bridget says she stole them from him. Bridget says she's almost 18, and she loves him. He has really deep feelings for her, too. 

Finney learns about the history between Ray and Cochran by way of watching Cochran's sex video. Cochran, meanwhile, says he's Avi and infiltrates Avi's storage facility. 

Ray's attempt to go to Mrs. Minassian to free Mickey doesn't go well. In the middle of a thug fight, the pop star walk in, making even Mrs. Minassian stop in her tracks. With a roll of her eyes, she takes Ray's gun and decides to deal with Ray only and make pictures for the walls.

The deal is done, but someone is following Mickey and Ray when they leave the Minassians.

Abby goes to Donellen's and gives him words. He's going to quit his job, pack his shit and go back wherever he came from. He pulls out the "Bridget is obsessed with me" card and now it looks like Donellen is going to be killed by Ray. A word to the wise, do some recon on the students you want to schtup.

Ray and Mickey talk about Mickey's future. Ray wants Mickey to leave LA. He's tired of worrying about his family because of Mickey. He managed to get Mickey's power of attorney in the process, so he has little choice in the matter. Ray reminds him he went up against the Armenian mob and almost got his head blown off for Mickey. Mick acquiesces. He'll go if that's what Ray wants. It hardly seems like it will, ultimately, be that simple.

Paige calls with news that Finney is meeting with the investigators. Ed notices the missing fire poker again. Ed discovered Avi's photo with Varick's passport. After Ed reassures Finney he's on his side, Finney says how happy he is to hear that given his proclivity to leave his as and balls hanging out for the world while his wife fucks her suicidal boyfriend.

Before he leaves, Ed pokes at Paige about Varick and Belize. 

Abby is in the bathroom feeling sad. She is thinking about going back to Boston. Ray thinks it's good for them here. She wonders what's good about it. Conor calls Ray to the kitchen. Paige is there. The team was approved and it will be announced on Monday. Abby isn't pleased Ray brought her, but Ray assures her she showed up on her own.

Terry has a look on his face as if I should be worried he's going to make a play for Abby. He goes to Abby and offers to go to the teacher. Instead of Terry making a play, it almost looks like Abby might be the one going for it.

It was disappointing that I knew Cochran was going to see Finney's poker in the storage locker.

Ray takes Conor to the stadium site. It's never going to happen.

While Hasmig sings, Mickey packs, Conor is excited over the stadium and Cochran knocks on Finney's door with the poker in his hands.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Mickey: I ain't fuckin' senile.
Ray: Fine. You're not senile. Go tell Joe Friday out there you want to wear a wire and get your brains blown out in Long Beach.
Mickey: You could say I get confused from time to time.

If you haven't learned that Mickey always draws a shit hand, that's on you.