The new doctor arrives to consult on Charlie's case but no one can figure out his odd methods. Watch Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 8 Online right here at TV Fanatic.

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Charlie is awake but he still can't move or speak, however he does answer quesitons by blinking his eyes. Dr. Nday arrives to consult on the case but no one knows what to make of his new age methods which seem to involve lots of music and guitar playing. Dr. McAndrew thinks he's a quack but he puts up with him because he worries that making waves will risk Dr. Grace's position as Chief of Surgery with the hosptial.

Leo, Jordi, Dash and Emma head out to get presents to life Charlie's spirits but when their car is towed they end up with nothing. Emma appears to try and eat but later freaks out and throws her dinner across the room once she's alone.

Kara learns that Hunter's sister Ashley has offered part of her liver but he refuses to take it. When Kara later sticks up for Hunter and tries to explain that as a sick person he has little control over anything but he needs control over this. Hunter overhears what she says and kisses her.

Watch Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 8 Online any time right here at TV Fanatic.

Episode Details

On Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 8, Nurse Jackson has second thoughts about a doctor she recommended and Kara learns the truth about Hunter.

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Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Charlie's one of us. He's the original Red Bander.


We're celebrating because awake is enough to keep Charlie here at Ocean Park Hospital.

Nurse Jackson