The kids rally to try and find a way to get Nurse Jackson back after she is place on suspension. Watch Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7 Online here at TV Fanatic.

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Nurse Jackson is at home in her gorgeous kitchen cooking for her college aged niece during her suspension. Turns out she used to be a successful backup singer but when her sister died, she quit and became a nurse to be home more for her niece.

The kids at the hosptial think about ways to get Nurse Jackson back. Hunter thinks it's silly. He later tells Kara why his liver transplant didn't work out. Dash collapses after missing two treatments withouth Nurse Jackson to make sure he went to his appointments.

Leo takes Emma to meet two of his friends and the lunch date turns awkward when Lauren asks a lot of questions about her anorexia. Later Lauren tells Emma she really likes her and so does Leo but that he won't wait forever if she doesn't get over her issues. Back in Leo's room, Emma notices the cookies she loved as a child and takes a bit. Leo and she kiss.

Dr. McAndrews calls Nurse Jackson in to tell her what happened with Dash but that he's going to be OK. He also decides to lift her suspension.

Watch Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7 Online here at TV Fanatic.

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On Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7, when her past catches up with her, Nurse Jackson gets unexpected support.

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Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sorry, I'm just not good at taking sides, especially since one of the sides has George Clooney hair and could be the father of my future child.


Brittany, in the three days since Jackson's been gone I've worked four doubles which I didn't even know was mathematically possible. I've been thrown up on eleven times, shaved a screaming child whose medication was making him grow body hair, and now I'm compulsively eating deep fried beef just to stay awake.