You'll need to watch Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 2 online to see what happens when Jordi's surgery doesn't go according to plan and Kara's two mom's come to visit on Red Band Society.

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Jordi goes in for the surgery to remove his leg but it's nothing that anyone expected. As Dr. McAndrew tries to give him the good news and the bad news, Leo has an emotional meltdown that has him using his new prosthetic to flee the hospital and not even Dash can get him back without a little help.

Nurse Brittany feels the sting when Nurse Jackson points how that she failed to catch Emma's deceptions on her weigh in. Brittany begins to wonder if she's cut out for this job but she later saves the day when she helps Leo out of a jam.

Kara's two mom's visit her in the hospital. Sarah, her mother and Daniella, her mom's wife and Kara's ex-nanny. When their influence does nothing to get Kara moved to the front of the transplant list, they make her cause their latest marketing project but they fail to connect with Kara. In the meantime, Kara and Emma reluctantly bond, even though they'd really rather not.

You won't want to miss the sarcastic lines and teen angst. Watch Red Band Society online now right here at TV Fanatic.

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Kara's family tries to use their influence to get her to the top of the transplant list while Leo has a meltdown when Jordi's surgery doesn't go as planned on Red Band Society.

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Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You can't let a little bald head interfere with your job. We got a lot of little bald heads running around this place.

Nurse Jackson

You put your pants on one leg at a time. I mean it's such a basic concept it's literally an expression. It means your just like anyone else, except for me and Jordi. We're not like anyone else.