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In Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 1, "Blink" - Sam is rushed into surgery. When the hospital can't locate his next of kin, Nick finds his estranged sister. Andy tells Nick she's still in love with Sam.

Andy and Dov get caught in a robbery turned hostage situation at the diner across from the hospital. One of the assailants is killed. 

Dov runs back to Chloe when he hears she's in cardiac arrest. She survives and when she wakes she tells Dov she sent Wes, her husband away and that she only wants him. He's thrilled.

Gail has a breakdown with her girlfriend and cuts off most of her hair.

Traci forgets to pick up Leo and the babysitter drops him at the station at 4am. Dex shows up and is furious. He threatens to sue her for full custody. Steve tells Traci he's in this relationship for the long haul and is there to help. Then he calls in a favor and does a full background check on Dex.

The powers that be view the shooting at 15 Division as a lack of leadership and prompt Frank to resign in order to save the Division.

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