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Mellie told Olivia to get out of the White House, but Olivia had a plan up her sleeve. 

She made Vanessa's liaison with a man named Robert a national incident, and Mellie needed to have it go away, so she covered it up. 

This gave Cy the ammunition he needed to join forces with Olivia and take Mellie down once and for all. 

However, Olivia had other plans and decided it was time to formally hand in her notice as Chief of Staff. 

This gave her friends hope that she had turned a corner. 

Quinn confronted her and Olivia made it clear that Quinn needed to get out of the house before a sniper shot her. 

Olivia was shot and Quinn left. 

Quinn and Charlie showed up at QPA with Robin to let Abby and Huck know everything was fine with them. 

Cyrus seethed as Mellie wondered what went wrong. 

Olivia stopped messing with B6-13's resources and let Jake have everything. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Olivia: What did you do?
Mellie: What I had to do.
Olivia: You had to make Jake your Chief of Staff? Please tell me ... after everything. Please tell me you are not this stupid.
Mellie: Stupid?
Olivia: And naive. And reckless. And foolish. But most of all, stupid.
Mellie: You wanna know what stupid would be, Olivia? Allowing myself to continue believing all of your lies. Proceeding to play this great game of pretend that you have so skillfully set up. I would be stupid if, for one more second, I actually trusted there is only us.

Mellie: You have to go.
Olivia: Don't do this.