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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 10, Team Scorpion is called to rescue Beth, who accidently drove into a tar pit. Always be aware of your surroundings, kiddos. The team manages to make an immersion suit, and Walter volunteers to go down into tar pit.

Walter manages to get down there safely, but the plan to lift Beth's car out of the pit hits a snag. Lifting it up is no longer an option, so the next plan is to have Beth leave the car, which is less than ideal.

After Walter gets Beth out of the car, the escape plan hits another snag. Walter is stuck in the tar, and Beth is running out of oxygen quickly. Walter sends Beth up alone, and now Walter is stuck in the tar. Don't worry. Walter makes it out safe and sound thanks to a flare and an explosion.

Meanwhile, Veronica helps Ralph sell his Forestry Brave cookies, but with a twist. You are never too young to run your first con. Veronica uses the cookies to make Peruvian ice cream sandwiches aka hipster bait. It works too. Veronica and Ralph make a killing.

Veronica has also been helping Walter woo Paige, and it has been working. However, Walter realizes that he is essentially conning Paige, and he tells Veronica that he wants to win Paige's heart honestly.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Veronica: How about we use that time for Grandma to help you earn that business badge?
Ralph: Mom won't go for it. She thinks you are a degenerate.
Veronica: We'll keep our eyes peeled for the opportunity. It knocks. We answer.

Because she deserves a man like you - intellectual, kind hearted.