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Everyone in school keeps laughing at Emma for the video and she struggles to cope. Brooke reveals that Will getting with her was just bet at first. Emma tries to cut Will out, but he doesn't want to take no for an answer and she ends up kissing Kieran right in front of him and later sleeps with him in the forest.

Brooke wonders where her mother really is and her father claims she is in rehab, but Jake shows her a video that might prove he killed her. Jake and Will continue to blackmail her father which leads to Jake breaking his nose. Jake later sells Will out and pleads that he doesn't know anything. Her father sees this and gets set to target Will. 

Audrey knocks Will down at self defense because she's sick of the way he treats everyone. 

A police office from the sheriff's past shows up to make sure the murder is solved, but she finds scary information on Nina's laptop that will change the show forever.

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Scream Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Keiran: People are dicks.
Emma: You watched the video.
Keiran: No, not interested.

Hello Emma, how does it feel to be the star of the show?