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Rachel thinks she is on the phone to Audrey, but she is quickly proven wrong when she is hung from her balcony. 

Emma still feels bad about the way she treated Audrey and tries to make amends, but Audrey doesn't want to hear it. Will tries to win Emma back, but when it proves difficult he saves her from a brush with the killer, but Kieran quickly plants a seed of doubt in her mind when he says that Will and Jake probably planned it. 

Maggie comes to the conclusion that Rachel was murdered. Her body was moved when it was found. Audrey breaks down when she realizes Rachel could have taken her own life. Emma feels responsible because she was with Nina when she filmed the video.

Brooke tries to reel her teacher back in, but she will have to fight for him. 

Riley and Noah's relationship continues to heat up and they both share a steamy kiss, after she asks him if he is a virgin. 

Emma gets a phone call at home and quickly realizes it is from the killer who terrorizes her in her home. She promises she will attack him if he shows himself.

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Scream Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

If I can't trust you, I can't be with you.


Maggie: What if the call is that Rachel Murray was murdered?
Clarke: Then things just got a lot more complicated.