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Emma is concerned when she doesn't hear from Will and her concern grows stronger when Jake and Brooke tell her the truth about what was going on with her father and they all decide to go looking for him when the killer drops her a phone call and Piper leads them to where they were attacked and a message says not to tell the cops. 

The group finds themselves at an old bowling alley and the killer is present. He attacks several times, but he fails to kill. Instead, he stabs Jake in the chest, but Brooke saves him. The cops show up and the killer slips away just as they are about to attack Emma. 

Emma's mom invites Kieran and his dad over for dinner, but they are shocked when Emma doesn't show and asks Kieran to cover for her. 

Will calls Emma to go watch a movie at his, but when she shows up, she realizes the killer is about to strike again and tries to save him, but she accidentally kills him when she trips over a wire which lets the break go. 

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Scream Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

New game. Hide and seek. Just like Daisy and Brandon used to play.


Emma: Noah, you have to stop doing that.
Noah: Well, I would walk backwards, but there's lots of broken glass.