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Everyone visits Noah, but he makes it clear he doesn't want to see anyone. 

He then asks his friends to get rid of his murder board as he prepares to rest his podcast for good after one final episode. 

Brooke and Gustavo realize it's best for both of them to return home to their parents. 

Eli breaks into Mayor Maddox's house and steals information that proves he is stealing money from people. 

Kieran finds all of it and tells Emma and Audrey, but he also finds the letters Audrey wrote to Piper in his room. 

The girls tell Kieran to put them back because it's too much if the killer knows they did it. 

Mayor Maddox gets a threatening text and it tells him to meet the killer. 

When he arrives at the barn, he can't find anything and is shocked when he finds the killer's phone. 

He is then stabbed with a pitch fork, but Emma and Audrey show up and try to save him.

They hear a noise and Emma grabs the pitch fork. 

Audrey and Emma are arrested because it now looks like their the killers. 

Maggie pleads with the Sheriff, but his mind is made up. 

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Scream Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Gustavo: Welcome home.
Brooke: Home, huh?
Gustavo: Yeah, I say we stay here forever.
Brooke: I say you're crazy.

You know the whole, horrible, embarrassing story.