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Maggie performs an autopsy on Piper's body and discovers new stitches. She cuts her open and finds a pig's heart.

Emma questions Audrey on how much she knew about Piper. It doesn't go well and Emma storms out. 

Miguel asks Maggie if Brandon could have survived and be the one doing this. She doesn't believe that's a possibility. 

Noah skips class to go meet Zoe at their spot by the lake. He's lured into the woods by the killer. The killer stabs him in the stomach and knocks him out. 

The killer calls Emma and Audrey to come save Noah's life. Noah wakes up in a coffin.

Audrey and Emma go to Noah's house for clues from his murder board. Emma finds a letter from Audrey to Piper and pockets it without telling Audrey.

They find a daffodil behind Noah's murder board and Audrey knows where to go.

Noah hallucinates Zoe next to him in the coffin. 

On the way to the stables where they first met, Emma shows Audrey the letter she found. 

Miguel tells Maggie he went back to the pig farm from their childhood and found evidence that Brandon may be alive. 

The killer calls Miguel and lures him to the barn too.

Audrey admits to Emma that she loved her and she broke her heart. They find Noah and save him just in time. They also find a phone that shows Zoe buried alive too. 

The three of them race to save Zoe, but she's dead when they find her. 

Miguel and Maggie check out the barn and find the pig missing a heart as well as a hand that might be Branson's. They head to the lake when they find out Emma is there. 

Maggie puts a note to Brandon in a tree and Eli watches. 

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Scream Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Emma: Why did you hate me?
Audrey: You broke my heart! I loved you, okay, and you broke my heart. The worst part is, you didn't even know you were doing it.

Killer: Don't you know the rules? Now that you and Zoe have had sex, you're both on the slasher chopping block. You know how that goes.
Noah: You need to update your genre references. That's a pretty outdated way of thinking.