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The police car Emma and Audrey are in is in an accident. The officer driving is killed by the killer. The killer leaves them the keys to the handcuffs. Emma takes the cop's gun and they run off. 

Emma and Audrey get a call from the killer who tells them if they turn themselves in or get caught, he'll gut someone they love. He wants to continue the game. 

Gustavo visits Brooke and says he's sorry about her dad. He thinks Audrey is the killer, but Brooke disagrees and tells him to leave. 

Audrey and Emma decide to hide out at the movie theater. 

Brooke visits Noah at the hospital. Emma calls and tells them to stay put, but they decide to go meet them. Kieran meets them there as well. 

The killer calls. Emma tells him to come and get her. They arm themselves with movie props. 

Gustavo arrives showing a text from Brooke asking him to come, but she didn't send it. 

The screen starts showing scenes of the kills. The group starts to split up. 

The killer shows up and stabs Brooke. Emma goes after him with the gun. She loses him and Audrey is missing. 

Brooke is taken to the hospital. Gustavo arrives at the hospital crying. 

Emma receives a picture of Audrey in trouble at the group home. She's told to come alone or she dies. 

The killer cuts Emma and she finds an unconscious Audrey. Kieran arrives to help. Eli shows up stabbed, saying he followed Kieran. They point fingers at each other. 

Eli lifts the knife he's holding and Emma shoots him. 

Emma realizes the killer is Kieran based on something he says. Kieran reveals that he and Piper had been working together, and were seeing each other. 

Emma and Audrey gain the upper hand on him and the police arrive to arrest him. 

Brooke is okay, and everyone begins to move on. 

Maggie finds a note attached to the tree by a knife that says "stay away from her."

Kieran gets a call at the jail from the killer, asking "who told you you could wear my mask?"


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Scream Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Sometimes the people closest to you are the ones who keep the biggest secrets.


Brooke: They're at the theater. They want us to stay here.
Noah: And let them go through all this alone?
Brooke: Hell no.

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