Paris Jackson on Scream Resurrection
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Paris Hilton answers the phone and finds herself being swore at by someone using the Scream app. 

In the process, her door rings and someone is wearing the Ghost Face mask. She is faux stabbed with a fake knife. 

The kid leaves. 

Deion's brother Marcus is shocked that his snacks have been thrown over a fence. 

Deion says they will retrieve them. The boys climb over the the fence, but Marcus is caught by the Hook Man who stabs him with the hook. 

Years later, Deion is the star football player at the school, and people don't like him. 

There's a jock who thinks he's better than Deion and attempts to ridicule Deion in several instances. 

In the end, however, the jock is killed off in brutal fashion after a weird phone call with Beth at a silent rave run by Shane. 

Deion tells everyone that they're bonded by this and that the killer wants to see what their insides look like. 

They wind up getting a text at the same time from the killer telling them that they will not settle until they are in control and they are all outed for their sins. 

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Scream Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Becky: What are you supposed to be?
[Ghost Face looks at her.]
I'm Florence Nightingale. Aren't you supposed to trick me, or something?
[Ghost Face waves knife and proceeds to stab her in the breast. It's a fake knife. She laughs.]
Becky: Careful, paid a lot for these bad boys.
Kid: Haha, trick or treat.
Becky: Happy Halloween, punk.

Becky: Hello?
Ghost Face: Is this Nancy Gibbons?
Becky: Nope. Wrong number.
Ghost Face: Oh, sorry. Who am I speaking to?
Becky: Becky. Who's this?
Ghost Face: Are you over 18, Becky?
Becky: Barely.
Ghost Face: Good enough for me. Hey, I'm calling from your local service provider with a seasonal survey for our customers.
Becky: Oh, I'm really busy.
Ghost Face: It's just a few questions. Let's start with 'What's your favorite scary movie?'
[Becky cuts her finger as someone runs by her window.]
Becky: Look. Don't call back, okay?