Keke Palmer on Scream Resurrection
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The killer texts everyone and tells them to pick someone to die. 

Nobody chooses at first, but it becomes clear that someone chose Deion when he is targeted. 

Amir and Beth hide out in her house, and have sex. The killer shows up and Beth goes on the run but Amir is murdered. 

Liv tells her dad that Deion has a gun, and the dad takes him to the middle of nowhere, and tells him that his daughter has mental issues. 

They are attacked by the killer and Deion is put in the frame for the murder. 

He returns to confront Liv, but she is already near to Beth's, well her car is. 

This causes more problems because Deion is arrested for murder, and Kym just pops up out of nowhere. 

Jamal tells Deion that they will always be brothers and that they need to find a balance between their lives to make things right with each other. 


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