When you watch Scream Season 1 Episode 7 online, you won't believe the shocks in store as Piper tries to get Emma to find Will before it's too late. Tune in as a band of misfits go in search of him.

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When you watch Scream online, you won't believe the twists in store as the killer makes his presence known and tries to kill a lot of the key players. You won't want to miss another shocking death!

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Everyone joins up to find Will when Emma is sure something is wrong, but she makes a big mistake which leads to the demise of another lead on Scream.

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Scream Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

New game. Hide and seek. Just like Daisy and Brandon used to play.


Emma: Noah, you have to stop doing that.
Noah: Well, I would walk backwards, but there's lots of broken glass.