"Our Role Models"

Lucy shadows Denise and convinces her to bond with a patient's child; Cox gives up on Drew.

"Our Drunk Friend"

Lucy tries to ignore Cox and treat an alcoholic patient; Turk and J.D. convince Denise to express her feelings to Drew.

"Our First Day of School"

Welcome to the ninth season of Scrubs. Our favorite doctors are now medical school teachers.

"My Finale"

J.D. says his final goodbyes during his last day at Sacred Heart in the Scrubs Series Finale.

"My Chief Concern"

J.D. decides to move closer to Kim to be near his son and gets a job at the local hospital there, St. Vincent's.

"My Cuz"

In an effort to move closer to his son, Sam, J.D. reaches out to Kim (Elizabeth Banks) only to find out she's dating Elliot's ex, Sean (Scott Foley). Meanwhile, Turk rallies to the troops at Sacred Heart to get him promoted to chief of surgery.

"My Soul On Fire, Part 2"

With everyone in the Bahamas, the Janitor and Lady get to have their ceremony in part two.

"My Soul On Fire, Part 1"

The Janitor and Lady send out fake invitations for a wedding in the Bahamas to get presents, but everyone from the hospital accepts.

"My Full Moon"

Turk and Elliot attempt to scare the interns by telling them it's a Full Moon out and the worst patients come out.

"Their Story II"

The interns give the Sacred Heart senior staff some insight. J.D.'s ego goes nuts when Cox gives him a momentary nod.

Scrubs Quotes



Honestly, I haven't been this happy since Christmas when I was seven years old and my father showed me how to make a snow angel. Actually, he was passed out drunk in the yard... But I did take his arms and his legs and move them back and forth... And... the paramedics said it was one of the finest snow angels that they'd ever seen. So, maybe the fact that I am the kinder, gentler Cox is every last bit of okay. Maybe it's a... a natural progression. It's not like there's any real ramifications... right?

Dr. Cox