"My Nah Nah Nah"

Turk tries an experimental procedure; Dr. Cox puts on his old ring; Janitor has problems with Lady

"My Comedy Show"

J.D. and Turk put on a skit show where the interns make fun of the senior members of the staff. Denise and Sunny have to deal with a patient with an overprotective mother.

"My Abscence"

Elliot attempts to deal with J.D. being gone and Carla tells Turk they're having a second child.

"My Lawyer's In Love"

Ted finally meets a lady in the form of Stephanie, a ukulele player at the hospital. Cox has to find time to be Chief and not give up the things he loves.

"My New Role"

Dr. Cox slowly becomes better friends with Dr. Kelso as he tries to adjust to being Chief of Medicine.

"My Cookie Pants"

Dr. Cox is offered the Chief of Medicine position and J.D. and Elliot try to rekindle their sexual romance.

"My ABC's"

J.D. tries to teach his intern, Denise, to feel compassion towards her patients while Elliot tries to get Turk to use her intern to help in his research paper.

"My Happy Place"

J.D. and Elliot reignite their past feelings when they team up to try and get Dr. Kelso to branch out beyond the Coffee Bucks.

"My Saving Grace"

Dr. Kelso and Cox team up to oust Dr. Maddox from Sacred Heart. Carla takes on a self-centered, incompetent intern.

"My Last Words"

This episode focused on a patient George Valentine (Glynn Turman) who had just one night to live and no family to spend it with. J.D. and Turk give up steak night to spend it with him.

Scrubs Quotes



Honestly, I haven't been this happy since Christmas when I was seven years old and my father showed me how to make a snow angel. Actually, he was passed out drunk in the yard... But I did take his arms and his legs and move them back and forth... And... the paramedics said it was one of the finest snow angels that they'd ever seen. So, maybe the fact that I am the kinder, gentler Cox is every last bit of okay. Maybe it's a... a natural progression. It's not like there's any real ramifications... right?

Dr. Cox