I Love a Charade
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 8
"I Love a Charade"
Original Air Date:

Samantha invites the girl to stay at Richard's mansion in the Hamptons for a wedding. Carrie runs into Jack Berger again (from "Plus One Is the Loneliest Number"),

The Big Journey
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 7
"The Big Journey"
Original Air Date:

Carrie takes Samantha to help promote her book in California, and visits Big while there. Charlotte sleeps with her divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt.

Critical Condition
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 6
"Critical Condition"
Original Air Date:

Carrie runs into Nina Katz, Aidan's most recent ex girlfriend, which gets her thinking about Aidan again. Charlotte meets with a lawyer to discuss her divorce terms with Bunny.

Plus One Is the Loneliest Number
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 5
"Plus One Is the Loneliest Number"
Original Air Date:

Carrie invites a new friend, Jack Berger, to her book-launch party. Miranda has trouble juggling her life as a single woman and her baby.

Cover Girl
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 4
"Cover Girl"
Original Air Date:

Carrie searches for a look for her upcoming book cover, while Miranda begins weight watchers to lose that fat lingering from when she was pregnant. To get over her depression, Charlotte buys a few self-help books,

Luck Be an Old Lady
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 3
"Luck Be an Old Lady"
Original Air Date:

Charlotte dreads turning 36, while Miranda is obsessing over her weight. In an effort to get the girls together and have a fun weekend, Carrie wants everyone to spend the weekend in Atlantic City.

Unoriginal Sin
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 2
"Unoriginal Sin"
Original Air Date:

A publisher wants to make a book out of Carries column and is made Brady's godmother after Miranda baptizes him.

Anchors Away
Watch Sex and the City Season 5 Episode 1
"Anchors Away"
Original Air Date:

Carrie is having trouble in the Big Apple in addition to her complicated problems with the guys in her life. Miranda is still trying to get her new life together now that she has a baby, while Charlotte is still getting over her divorce. Meanwhile, Richard is begging Samantha to take him back.

Miranda Gives Birth
Watch Sex and the City Season 4 Episode 18
"I Heart NY"
Original Air Date:

Carrie learns that Big is moving to Napa, California and gives him a NY send off.

Carrie at Vogue Picture
Watch Sex and the City Season 4 Episode 17
"A "Vogue" Idea"
Original Air Date:

Carrie starts working at Vogue; Charlotte throws Miranda a baby shower, but annoys Miranda when she tries to make it too cutesy.

Sex and the City Quotes

(to Carrie) Yes, I'm sorry about it all. I'm sorry that he moved to Paris and fell in love with me. I'm sorry we ever got married. I'm sorry he cheated on me with you and I'm sorry that I pretended to ignore it for as long as I did. I'm sorry I found you in my apartment, fell down the stairs and broke my tooth. I'm very sorry that after much painful dental surgery, this tooth is still a different color than this tooth. Finally, I'm very sorry that you felt the need to come down here. Now not only have you ruined my marriage, you've ruined my lunch.


Samantha is crying
Carrie: What's going on, why are you crying?
Samantha: James has a small dick.
Carrie: Well, it's not the end of the world.
Samantha: It's really small.
Miranda: How small?
Samantha: Too small.
Carrie: Well, size isn't everything....
Samantha: Three inches.....
Carrie: Well....
Samantha: Hard!
Charlotte: Is he a good kisser?
Samantha: Oh, who the fuck cares! His dick is like a gherkin!