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Mysterion, along with Coon's former friends, do their bake sale to try and raise money to help the Gulf.   During their bake sale they learn there's a local Cult of Cthulu in South Park.  They boys head back to the base to make more lemon bars and they find Hindsight has trashed their base.  The dude is drunk, goes nuts, and points a gun to Mysterion's head when we learn Mysterion is Kenny and his superpower is... he can never die.  Nice.  The boys goes to investigate a local meeting of the Cult and Mysterion gets stabbed.  He awakes in his bed the next day in Kenny clothes as if nothing happened.  Sigh.

The Coon, meanwhile, heads to New Orleans to confront the Cthulu by himself.  He manages to befriend the Cthulu with some good old fashioned tickling, and they united to become the new Coon and Friends and head back to New Orleans to kill the people infringing on his Coon and Friends trademark!

To be continued... yeah, seriously, again.

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South Park Season 14 Episode 12 Quotes

Unfortunately, we've just been imformed the Dark Lord Cthulu has shat on the runway of the New Orleans airport and we'll be delayed at least another hour.

Flight Attendant

Hindsight: what is your power?
Kenny (as Mysterion): I can't die. I've experienced death countless times. Sometimes, I see a bright light. Sometimes, I see Heaven or Hell. But eventually, no matter what, I wake up in my bed wearing my same old clothes. The wort part? No one even remembers me dying. I go to school the next day and everyone is just like "Oh, Hey Kenny," even if they had seen me get decapitated with their own eyes. You want to whine about Curses, Hindsight? You're talking to the wrong f**king cowboy.