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Logan is strolling through Central Park with a bodyguard behind. He arrives home to the entire family watching a TV interview featuring the Waystar Royco whistleblower James Weisel.

Every member of the family has something catty to include from boos, the cha chings, to chanting. The whistleblower is nicknamed the weasel.

Weasel doesn't know everything, but he does know what the stories were. Gerri gets a nod about oversight. Bill Lockhart was the head of Parks and Cruises who tried to clean up things. Tom cleaned up loose ends. 

They mention shadow logs and RPI. No real person involved speaks to a sex worker or low-level staff member at a foreign port of call.

Logan jumps up to change the channel. Sandy is behind it. The sick bastards and their shell companies. Logan has 50 people paid to watch this shit, he says, as the camera cuts away to the other room with Gerri, Hugo, and the gang.

Everyone thinks it's very bad. Very, very, bad. Bad is the word.

Gerri thinks they tell the truth about the family and bigwigs being in the dark and throw Bill to the wolves. Everyone likes Bill, but the buck stops with Bill.

Greg turns down the $250 million and learns from Tom and Connor that the measly $5 million he's going to get will leave him in a terrible position.

Shiv delivers the group bad news that Congress is going to make a big deal out of it. They're going to Washington. They'll want Logan for sure to testify. Logan wants Carolina to jam this the fuck up with a series of phone calls.

Hugo wants to toss Gerri and Tom to the wolves. They don't take that well.

Logan wants Roman's help. Things might not be OK. Congress is going to spook shareholders. Ten bad minutes on camera in DC and it could be the end. Roman rises to the challenge but also asks Logan about Marcia before he goes.

Rhea worries that she agreed to be CEO of a dumpster fire pirate death ship. Logan tries to assure her they're dealing with a rogue sicko. She's not taken with it. 

Rhea addresses the group. It's C-Span filler. They have nothing to be guilty about. She admits to Logan that they look scared. 

Roman wonders if the dude has the muscle to take on Waystar. Yes. They like it. Danny Huston wonders if they should call Logan. Dude wants Roman and his bum boys to head to Turkey the next day.

Roman addresses the team about which he knows nothing. When a team is a team, they can't actually physically be beaten. It's impossible. Go hard, go fast, go ya lovely bastards.

Bill is at the hearing making everyone uncomfortable. He's just there to support the old gang. 

Tom wants to practice some more. Hugo wants them to fillibuster. Eat, eat, eat those dangerous fucking minutes. Greg says to maybe just try to enjoy it, clearly not understanding the implications.

Cameras are all over the place. The committee on commerce, science and transporation is the governing body.

Roman pitches the Waystar Royco line. They're buying into the US Media landscape at the very top. They're profitable. Absolutely sure they'll be able to get their debt under control. A bunch of shady looking dudes interrupt the meeting. 

Roman hesitates while the dudes converse. One guy has a vest. Dave? Son says they're good. They're all going to go with those gentlemen. Roman begins to freak. Dave just walked out of the room. He's not coming. Is Dave safe? There's a concern about Dave. It's a security risk.

Jamie and Roman try making calls but their phones are confiscated.

Gil addresses Tom at the hearing immediately jumping into the thick of it with accusations against Mo using young women for his purposes. Tom scuttles and blames Bill. Tom pretends he has no idea that Gil was nicknamed Mo. He calls him Mo over 30 times in emails to family and colleagues but never directly to Lester himself.

We should have known it was going to be called up since it was such an obvious point of discussion before.

In Turkey, Roman is trying to find out from Eduard what the hell is going on. There are anti-corruption guys gathering and they're all invited to the party.

The hearing continues with Tom in the hot seat. There are over 40 thousand documents that have gone. There was not a targeted coverup. It was just a normal part of business, Gerri says. Gil speaks directly to the boxes that were emptied on Thanksgiving Day signed out by Gregory Hirsch. Tom says he doesn't know Greg. Oh, yes, yes. Sorry. Known to him. Yes. 

Tom and Gerri and Greg return to the conference room in various states of distress. Kendall wants Shiv to look into things because if it continues as it's gone so far, they're fucking toast.

Shiv goes to see Gil and Nate. There's some residual goodwill, she suggests. She wants to help. She still thinks Gil is a good candidate and wants to give them the dirt on the weasel.

Tom was just called a smirking block of domestic feta by The Atlantic.

Weasel isn't a Snow White. She offers Mo and James Weasel and Bill. They'll fold in they do that and ATN can keep the focal point on Gil for president.

Gil says they have something better and can't give it up. Shiv reports back that they have a victim named Kira for later in the week. The NDAs could domino. That could be it. Rhea gets put into the hot seat. They got a victim from Senator Gilliard who Rhea knows. 

Logan wants to meet with Kira to talk and apologize so they can change the narrative. Logan begs. 

It's time for Logan and Kendall to take the stage. Hugo wants Gerri to stick a Snickers bar up Logan's ass to help with his attitude.

Someone speaks to Connor in the audience. There are a lot of Con-heads out there rooting for him. Connor loves it.

Roman and friends are playing cards and I Spy. He spies with his little eye something that starts with an H. Hostages! That game didn't do well, so he moves onto Marry, Fuck, Kill. When Jamie wants to marry Gerri, Roman takes it way over the top in his pretend disgust.

Karl begins to have a panic attack. Eduard joins them. Roman asks if they're going to get shot, and I laugh out loud at Jamie's response. The deal is still in play. Roman plays it very well. They could be onto something with the hostage crisis.

Logan makes a statement that they plan on punishing those responsible to the full extent of the law. Gil suggests the shadow of a man at Waystar is Logan. Should they use news as their own personal ATM?

Logan throws Kendall overboard and Kendall take the wheel schooling Gil Eavis.

Rhea won't go inside to talk with the victim. Shiv won't give up on her family's company.

Mr. Roberts likes Logan and Kendall. He'd like to have a drink with both of them, and the cruise he took with his wife was delightful.

Shiv catches Kira off guard. She's not there to offer anything but to listen and how to fix whatever it was they did wrong. It's awfully convenient, Kira says, and Shiv says she's very brave.

Shiv says she doesn't trust her father because of what he's done to her. Shiv even admits it's probably worse than she thinks. Shiv thinks whatever has been happening to Kira won't be happening anymore. Shiv wants to fire these bastards and she needs Kira to help her.

Is this the right forum, Shiv wonders, to do that? Kira wants people to hear what Lester was like and how he treated other women. She wants the no real person involved stuff coming to the surface. Shiv tells Kira that normal people will question her, call her a slut, rip her apart.

All she'll ever be is pages of filth and lies. And she's not wrong. Lies are never combatted. Shiv says she can easily have money and Shiv will destroy the men who ran that filthy operation. She says they need to make an assessment and do what's best for her.

Roman gets called in by the terrorists. Jamie and Karl go with him.

Kendall is the star of the hour even if it's Logan who gets the applause. Bill connects with Logan and says he should write a book. He could. He has the diaries. But who has the time?

Logan tells Shiv she did good. She dropped out.

Logan wonders if Kendall is OK. He's sorry if it was rough. Kendall assures him it's all good. Kendall tries to get Logan to see Naomi Pierce who came down to support them.

Rhea wants to meet with Logan. She didn't go in. She can't trust Logan. He tries the "things were done differently" in those days. She says Logan once said Mo was a close friend. Rhea thinks Logan has a superpower in how he can lie. She still finds him appealing. He claims she needed protection. Keeping clean in certain areas would behoove the next CEO. She doesn't want to be part of it. Fuck off, he says. Little Miss Prim. She knows who he is. It's changed in the details, she says. She can't see the bottom of the pool. She doesn't know if he cares about anything, and it scares her.

She's fungible as fuck, Logan says. Then go ahead and funge her. Try.

Logan and Shiv share a drink. Rhea's gone? She can't hack the hate, Logan says. 

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Succession Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Greg: Yeah. So, I think I just, uh, turned down a quarter of a billion dollars.
Tom: Uh huh.
Greg: Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna make a drink. Uh, I think, I think I'm gonna, ca, ca, I can drink these drinks, right? These are drinks for people?
Connor: It looks like there might be a slight uptick in ticket sales.
Greg: Cuz Logan promised he'd look after me. So.
Connor: A quarter of a billion?
Greg: Mm hmm.
Connor: Instead you're trusting dad?

Wanna hear what I think? I think we say the truth. [pause] That the senior cadre here and the family knew nothing of this. So we throw Mo overboard. Mo, bad apple. Jim Weasel, bad apple. Spies a book deal, sort of OJ, backed by Sandy and Stewy, all corporate fucker. No real concern. And in terms of historic shit? I'm afraid we give up Bill because he should have let us know what he discovered rather than clean up without telling us the details. I don't think there's gonna be paper that shows anything beyond Bill.